The Afterschool Program works with immigrant and refugee youth throughout their school years (grades 1-12) and focuses on keeping immigrant youth positively engaged during critical after school hours by providing academic support, English development, recreational and healthy life skills.  Programs are delivered once a week in selected schools, housing complexes, and public libraries throughout the city of Calgary.

Supplementary summer programming is offered every year and is a way for immigrant youth to continue developing their language, social, and life skills.

We deliver support in neighborhoods with the greatest need. Programs operate for two to three hours after school ends.

The Afterschool Program offers 5 main programs:

The Bridge Foundation has been meeting with the LEAD students once a week since the beginning of April. The students are always very excited about their weekly sessions. This programs gives the LEAD students exposure to a variety of opportunities that they would not otherwise have. The games, art projects, and Canadian acculturation activities provided by the talented Bridge staff are such rich experiences for our LEAD students. We truly appreciate this wonderful opportunity for our LEAD students and hope it can continue next year. Here are a few quotes from LEAD students: “It’s fun, we get to play and talk with them.” “I like Bridge Club because it’s fun playing number games and playing heads up seven up.” “It’s fun, we play games and make stuff. They help us a lot with English.” The students also frequently ask when the Bridge Club will be meeting again. Yesterday, when I told the students that the Bridge Club will be coming today, all the students cheered with excitement. The LEAD students are clearly very engaged in the activities developed by the Bridge Foundation.” – Danielle and Kim

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