The Mentorship Program focuses on supporting the settlement and integration of newcomer immigrant and refugee youth entering grades 7-12 throughout the school year and in the summer. The program provides information, resources, and support to facilitate positive transitions for youth into Canadian schools and communities. A unique aspect of the program involves the participation of Peer Mentors, youth who were once newcomers themselves, who provide 1:1 support for incoming newcomer youth during programming and community connections activities.

We offer after-school programs during the school year (at select school locations) where newcomer youth can:

  • Participate in fun group activities and field trips
  • Make new friends
  • Develop life skills
  • Practice speaking English in a safe and respectful environment
  • Build teamwork skills
  • Enhance leadership abilities and confidence
  • Learn about Canada and Calgary
  • Meet inspiring community speakers and leaders

The program consists of three main components, along with two unique summer orientation programs to prepare newcomer youth for the upcoming school year. These are:


Being a peer mentor helps me explore new things such as leading other people, and it helps me find my own identity. I helped newcomers by giving them a school tour, showing them classes, and acquainting them with the school so that they won’t feel lonely. From this experience, I learned how to communicate with newcomers, how to lead our peers and build confidence. Helping newcomers helps me improve in my speaking, especially English.

The Cross Age Mentorship program (CAMP) is designed to support newcomer youth in grades 7-9 in their settlement journey to Calgary and transitional period to high school. By being mentored by settled immigrant youth in high school, the junior high youth have a positive role model to help guide and support them with their emotional and academic needs. Our curriculum is based on the Circle of Courage, strengths-based approach and multicultural education to provide a safe and inclusive learning environment for our youth to discover their strengths, improve their English and build meaningful relationships. It is our hope that through this program our youth will grow to be leaders in their communities and continue to give back to others in need. 

This program takes place over 32 weeks in the school year, from October to May. High school newcomer, immigrant and immigrant Canadian citizens are matched on a one to one basis with a newcomer junior high school student where they offer emotional and academic support once a week.

Below are the topics covered by the program over the span of eight months:

  • Teamwork and Collaboration
  • Canadian Culture
  • First Nations, Métis, and Inuit Education (FNMI) Education
  • Healthy Living (Importance of mental health and physical health) 
  • Importance of Community and Volunteering
  • Bicultural Identity Formation
  • Power of Self-Empowerment
  • Leadership Development


To learn more about the program or apply, please contact Tasneem Zaman at or 403-919-9573.


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