The Calgary Bridge Foundation for Youth (CBFY) has recently received funding from Telus Community Grants and a pilot crowdfunding initiative from Propellus to begin creating a Volunteer Resources Program. Volunteerism is an influential tool of engaging both long-term and new Canadians in helping to overcome the challenges faced by new Canadians. Volunteering benefits both society and the individual volunteer by providing the opportunity to give back to the community and ultimately encouraging sustainable community development. Volunteerism provides the opportunity to gain experience and to learn new skills.

Engagement of volunteers within the CBFY will play an influential role:

  1. To expand our capacity to support immigrant families and youth and to add value and expand our service delivery paradigm, by providing more programs to youth through the engagement of both new and long-term volunteer Calgarians.
  2. To increase volunteer opportunities for both new and long-term Calgarians, creating a circle of giving within our communities and empowering immigrant youth to give back.
  3. To increase CBFY’s profile in Calgary’s schools and neighbourhoods and develop future advocates of our organization.
  4. To serve the Syrian Refugee youth who are in desperate need of our support, since those that come from the refugee camps have often had gaps in school attendance.

Thus, we are recruiting to support our current programs:

  • Afterschool Program
  • Mentorship Program
  • In School Settlement Program

Currently, we have following volunteer positions available:

Afterschool Program Volunteers

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Mentorship Program Volunteers

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In School Settlement Program Volunteers

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Volunteer stories

If you are interested in making a contribution in the settlement and integration of new immigrant and refugee youth and their families, please contact:

Dinesh Koirala, Volunteer Resources Coordinator

Phone: 403-230-7745 Ext. 603

Cell: 403-470-9306


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