This special edition of “In Their Own Words” is a collection of youth award-winning essays that speak notably to the personal immigrant and refugee journeys of 31 award winners in this 30th year of services. The aura that surrounds this great read is generated by the power of voice of talented and aspirational young men and women who are the future of the next economy and whatever these youth achieve in the future is the greatest gift of life. These inspirational stories are defined, by courage, perseverance, passion and resilience.
As you read “In Their Own Words” it is evident that The Calgary Bridge Foundation for Youth inspires youth to thrive and not merely survive, through equitable and engaging programs and services and through a simple philosophy. “We are who we are because of who we were and where we came from and we should be proud of ourselves.”

Thank you to all award donors for recognizing these exceptional individuals.

Click here to read the book online.

Umashanie Reddy, CEO

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