Workshops and Info Sessions

Elementary & Jr. High School Workshops

Home Alone. This safety training program for immigrant youths ages 10+ prepares them with skills and knowledge to be safe and responsible when home alone for short periods of time. It will help them understand how to prevent problems, handle real-life situations, and keep them safe and constructively occupied. A student book is provided as well as a certificate of participation.
*This workshop is a two-part series and requires parent’s participation during the last session.

Welcome to Canada. Academic Success (Grade 9 recommended) Come and learn about different levels of ELL/ESL school core and option courses, the role of the guidance counsellor, and graduation requirements.  Students increase their overall knowledge on how to navigate through resources available for them.

High School Preparation (Grade 9 recommended). Building positive relationships & learning about academic expectations are foundational to a successful start in High School. In this session, students will learn the importance of connecting with guidance counsellors and support staff available at their high schools. We also introduce the importance of participating in extracurricular activities & volunteering to enrich school life and experience.

Social Media. Finding a balance and developing healthy habits for using social media is essential for making sure it has a positive presence in kids’ life. Parents and teens will learn about internet safety, how to maintain healthy limits, and the responsibilities of social media.

High School Level Workshops

Youth Justice System. In collaboration with the Elizabeth Fry Society, this workshop provides youth with an understanding of the real consequences of getting involved in criminal activity. Students learn about the Youth Offenders Act, the Youth Criminal Justice Act, youth legal rights and the impact of having a criminal record. Date and Location:  Anti-Bullying Bullying is a form of abuse and can take different forms at different ages. Kids learn how to recognize and take action when being confronted by a bully. Children are encouraged to report bullying safety and be given multiple strategies to be kind to each other.

Staying Focused on your Education. This session offers a positive alternative to Drugs and Gang activities for youth. The presentation highlights positive choices that could bring youth closer to reach their goals in life and also provides real-life scenarios of the consequences of deviating from this path.

Workshops for Parents

Welcome to Canada: School System. Parents play a huge role in their kids’ education, especially when adapting to a new country. Join us for a workshop where parents increase knowledge of the school system in Calgary and learn about resources available for your children from Kindergarten to grade 12.

Britespace/ D2L Parents. Learn how to use this fantastic platform that helps to view academic information (schedule, grade and attendance), learning activities and resources. Parents understand and learn how to support student’s learning inside and outside of the classroom by actively engaging with this platform.

Welcome to Canada: Raising children in Canada. Parents play a central role in all aspects of children’s lives. The challenge for immigrant parents is to adapt and find reasonable strategies to support cultural expectations. Parents who successfully adapt to these strategies stand the best chance of developing a good relationship with their children, adjusting to Canadian culture, and raising healthy and happy Canadians. Join us for an interactive workshop on raising children in a dual-culture. Acquaint yourselves with tools and resources that will help you succeed in parenting throughout your children’s lives.

Welcome to Canada: Summer Camps and Family Time Ideas. How to start planning early and get ready for summer? Get all the information around summer camps and outdoor activities for children and opportunities available for families to stay active and healthy this summer.

Welcome to Canada: benefits, credits and social support. Are you a newcomer to Canada? Would you like to increase your awareness about the various social benefits? Benefits help your family with the costs of raising children, maternity and parental leave, and unexpected life circumstances. Join us for a free information session, which can greatly affect you and your family’s life in Canada.

Welcome to Canada: Academic Success. Come and learn about different levels of ELL/ESL, high school core and option courses, guidance counsellors, and graduation requirements. Increase your knowledge about programs and school options; including how to navigate through resources available for High Schools students. Welcome to Canada: Becoming a Citizen Applying for Citizenship is a fa14/05/2019ntastic and hopeful process, yet it could be complicated. The In-School Settlement program helps you to understand the steps of becoming a Canadian citizen, getting right, the information on the requirements of the citizenship process, and knowing how to prepare for the knowledge test.

Employment and Workplace Communication. Newcomers to Canada: learn more about employment opportunities and understand work culture to integrate successfully in the Canadian work environment. Join us for a free information session to learn about job searching strategies, networking skills, effective communication and adapting your skills and experiences to Canada.
Wednesday, December 18, 2019  at 6 – 8:00 PM. Louise Riley Library, 1904 14 Avenue Northwest.
Click here for a free registration.

Welcome to Canada: Financial literacy

  • Assets: Learn about what an asset is and how to use this tool for self-evaluation and life improvement. This workshop will leave you to refresh and positive, ready to set new goals in life.
  • Budget: organize your spending and savings, and take control over your finances. In this workshop, you will learn how to stay focused on your money goals while keeping a good night sleep.
  • Banking: Develop awareness about how to use bank services efficiently and safely. This workshop will provide you with understanding how to access banking tools and resources, and keep your finances on track.
  • Credit: Clarify the purpose, advantages and disadvantages of having credit in Canada. In addition, you will learn how to use your credit wisely. You will learn about credit resources and tools that will help you to build a solid credit history.
  • Consumerism: This session will open the conversation and bring your awareness about the power of advertising. You will brainstorm ideas and strategies on how to live a fulfilling life by making your own personal choices.


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