Bruce’s Story

“My name is Bruce Hewitt and I am a CBYF volunteer. I volunteer as a high school math and science tutor. I began at Diefenbaker High School and now I am tutoring at Forest Lawn High.

I was born right here in Calgary 60 years ago. I am a graduate of the engineering department of the University of Calgary and have spent my career in electronics engineering, first in Montreal and then here in Calgary. In my work at Baker Hughes I develop electronics for “Smart Pipeline Pigs” which are tools used in pipeline maintenance to safely move oil and gas to the marketplace. Pigs are inserted into the pipelines and ride with the flow for a few hours up to several days. As it travels through the pipeline it gathers data which is analyzed after the run is completed. Through this analysis we can detect corrosion or rust in the pipeline walls. We can detect spots of corrosion as small as 10mm X10mm.

I am thankful for the career opportunities which have been available to me as a Canadian; opportunities which were available primarily because of a solid education.

At 60 years old I am not in the phase of life where one is focused on building a career, but am coming to the end of that life stage. I still have something to contribute. I did a self-assessment exercise with a group of friends and the result of my assessment is that I am thoroughly mathematical and technical in my talents and skills. At the same time I was becoming increasingly aware that we live in a world that needs individuals who use their talents and skills in ways that build up other people and enrich our communities.

I actively went searching online for tutoring opportunities where I could use what I’ve been given to encourage and support others who are pursuing goals similar to what mine were at their age.

In my search I found CBFY, a local organization which I knew of by their excellent reputation in the community.

As I recall, from my web search, the CBFY was looking for math and science tutors to work with high school students. It seemed pretty clear that this was an opportunity which fit my skill set. And here I am.

Tutoring math and science students at Forest Lawn High School is a joy! I am so impressed with the students; with their work ethic and determination. These are very impressive young people. It is a privilege for me to be in some way helpful to them as they pursue their academic and career goals, whatever those goals may be; a high school diploma and a good job or graduate studies in engineering or physics.

CBFY is doing it right, connecting students with appropriate and encouraging assistance.”



If you are interested in making a contribution in the settlement and integration of new immigrant and refugee youth and their families, please contact:

Dinesh Koirala, Volunteer Resources Coordinator

Phone: 403-230-7745 Ext. 603

Cell: 403-470-9306

Email: dkoirala@cbfy.ca

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