Katy’s Story

“For a long time, I took my skills, my experience, my knowledge for granted. When I started volunteering, I began to appreciate these skills more. I realized that the people I work with can also benefit from my skills. Sharing became my passion.” Katy volunteers with the Calgary Bridge Foundation for Youth’s In School Settlement Program. By supporting the ISSP, she has played a large role in helping new Canadian students and their families adjust to their lives in Calgary. “I was always interested in helping others, and when this opportunity came up with CBFY, I said to myself, ‘why not?’ A friend of mine used to work [with CBFY], and she had a very good experience… I’m really enjoying being part of this organization and learning every day.” “If you’re considering volunteering, Katy has some advice for you: “Don’t hesitate. Try. It will open up new opportunities, and help you develop and grow like you never have before!”

This story was taken with permission from the Propellus Instagram account: https://www.instagram.com/p/Bn3gAmjANq6/?hl=en&taken-by=why.yyc

If you are interested in making a contribution in the settlement and integration of new immigrant and refugee youth and their families, please contact:

Dinesh Koirala, Volunteer Resources Coordinator

Phone: 403-230-7745 Ext. 603

Cell: 403-470-9306

Email: dkoirala@cbfy.ca

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